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      About The School

We are a 26-year-old ICSE school in the heart of Indiranagar, H.A.L II stage, one of the important cosmopolitan areas of Bangalore city. We are a small local school started and run by ladies. All teachers are ladies except the P.T master.

As a local school we give admission to students coming from our neighboring areas within a radius of 6 kilometers. About fifty percent of our students are girls and they get over fifty percent merit scholarships.

We use the playground of the Defence Colony in Indiranagar every year for our sports and games activities which ends with a sports meet generally in December. We are thankful to them as otherwise we cannot own playground in such a developed area like Indiranagar.

Our teachers have been serving us continuously and do not leave us. Continuity in teaching and good standards are maintained as a consequence. We get consistently good results in the ICSE examinations.

‘Excelsior’ is our school motto. We try to mould students, develop their traits and make them good citizens without prejudice and fear . Officers on transfer always come to us seeking admission for their wards at any time of the academic year and we help them.